About Us

Kaitlin loves to work!  Although Kaitlin was born with Williams Syndrome, we have always advocated for people to see her abilities and not her disability. Unfortunately, there aren't a lot of job possibilities for an individual with low cognitive abilities. In fact, job opportunities are non-existent.

Her mom Nicole helped Kaitlin create a job.  They run a gift shop from their home. Kaitlin loves how it connects her to the community.  She loves having a purpose.  

Kaitlin wants a meaningful life that doesn’t include being hidden in day programs that segregate her from having a purpose in our community.

One day, our dream is to become successful enough where we can hire individuals with disabilities and fully support them.

"Say It with Kindness" promotes kindness, wellness and a sense of belonging.  Gift Giving is an age old tradition that shows someone you appreciate them or care for them.  

Through our store, we are creating a purpose for Kaitlin.

Creating her inclusion in our community.

By supporting our small business you are brightening someone's day with your gift and you are supporting a marginalized individual gain self worth and purpose.